Apostle Jean-Paul Kasweka

Apostle Jean-Paul Kasweka

Apostle Jean-Paul Kasweka

Apostle Jean-Paul Kasweka is a charismatic, dynamic and powerful leader, visionary and entrepreneur who serves as founding and overseer of Bethany Full Gospel Centre, Churches around the world.

Apostle Jean-Paul has committed his life to equip people to discover their callings, realize their potential in order to be effective, powerful and release the presence of God within their respective spheres of influence.

Known as a humanitarian and father to orphans, he oversees many organizations in the Republic Democratic of Congo that are aimed to care for the poor, to adopt and build up orphans as well as taking care of widows.

In 1998, he founded the “Salon du Ministère” ministries in order to empower, impart and equip the body of Christ to operate in the fullness of the life of the Spirit. He is the the Producer of African Broadcasting Television at GOLIVE TV in Toronto, Canada.
Apostle Jean-Paul Kasweka has been married to the love of his life, Justine Kasweka for 26 years and is a proud father that actively serves in ministry with all six children.

He is also an affiliate member of CMA Christian Ministers Association of Canada and continues to partner with various apostolic networks in Canada, Europe and Africa.

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