Rita Ngarambe

Rita Ngarambe

Rita Ngarambe

NGARAMBE L Rita is a believer in God, a host for THE CYPER SHOW on both Instagram as well as You Tube Chanel she is a woman, a grand daughter of Nikomeze patricia and Joseph Rubangura ,a daughter to their son Eric Ngarambe Laurent she is currently crowned as queen of emancipation month Canada by the keepers of the culture as also miss face of humanity Rwanda for the global contests , as well as a spoken word artist who continuous to demonstrate her humanitarian work of activism through various ways but mainly through poetry. She is a full time Writer for migrantwomenpress.com.

her work has been seen through vogue Italy, the Hamilton spectator, Igihe.com and the New times Rwanda, amongst others .

she continues to thrive to inspire other young people to believing themselves and thriving to be the best they can by uplifting their own individualism through promotion of humanity .

Miss Rita is also deeply rooted into the concept of UBUNTU /I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE! As she believes for life to be art in itself in Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” or “I am, because you are” as how we describe the meaning of Ubuntu It speaks to the fact that we are all connected and that one can only grow and progress through the growth and progression of others.

Ubuntu as used to reminder the society on how we should be treating others referred to even by the word of God commands as so in MARK 12:31 as she hopes and thrives to live by this. Which is How she come about founding her own non-for profit organisation called United For Humanity. Ca .

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