Evangelist Stephen Vasanthan

Evangelist Stephen Vasanthan


Stephen Vasanthan  was 31 years old when he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord had used him in outreach ministry in  helping plant churches across Ontario.He studied at Master College and Seminary and felt God’s call to be a missionary in Sri Lanka to plant churches through community development. He began  his ministry in Sri Lanka in 2012. What he found there were hundreds of people who had been affected by the war: widows,orphans,high unemployment,lack of hope the people were in . Into this scenario, he is bringing the hope of Jesus Christ. With God’s help he has planted 130 churches in Sri Lanka.He also  started a community centre that offers training in computers,sewing, dental, beauty , culture, and art therapy care for the disabled . Along with a  feeding program, after school tutoring, for children and engaging with the youth in Sri Lanka training them to become  leaders.    He is married to his lovely wife Rebecca for 12 years now and has one beautiful child Esther.   


Contact us  vsk642020@gmail.com

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