Jacqueline Mbuyamba

Jacqueline Mbuyamba

Jacqueline Mbuyamba Brief Spiritual Journey Biography

Born to a Presbyterian pastor father, I was exposed to the faith principles at an early age. My childhood consisted of a home environment where worship through hymns and psalms, instructions in godly living, and evening family prayer were daily practices. My husband of 45 years shared the same Presbyterian background where he was a leading member.   

Despite a childhood permeated by all things pertaining to godliness, I encountered and received Jesus Christ in August of 1987 at the Hotel Caravia in Lubumbashi (DRC) during a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International diner conference. Eight years later, I was baptized by immersion as a member of the non-denominational Centre Evangélique Francophone la Borne, Church that I joined after relocating to Kinshasa from the Kasai Oriental province.

While at la Borne in Kinshasa, I joined the Church intercessory prayer team. Moreover, as a Full Gospel Fellowship International member, I received training to preach the Gospel, provide Christian counselling, and guide new converts to the faith. Through its local branch, Kinshasa Misericorde Binza/IPN, and its charitable activities, I started evangelizing in prisons and hospitals.   

Two years after arriving in Canada, I became a founding member of the New Covenant Church of God in Toronto, Canada, where I lead the women’s ministry since the Church’s inception in September of 2000 and serve on the board of directors. On December 12, 2004, I became deaconess, a Church elder, on October 31, 2009, and on December 22, 2012, I receive consecration into pastorship.      

On July 13, 2013, after two years of Theological school training, I obtained a minister’s Diploma and a Certificate in Christian counselling. Since then, I have achieved the following:


  • Bachelor of Christian Psychology (May 2014)
  • Master of Biblical Studies (July 2016)
  • Doctor of Biblical Studies (June 2018)

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