Johann and Joshua

Johann and Joshua

Johann and Joshua

Johann D’Lucca and his younger brother Joshua D’Lucca are the hosts of the shows Learn ‘N’ Play and Kids News. The Brazilian-Canadian brothers share many similar interests and goals, while at the same time, projecting them in their own unique ways.

Both them enjoy playing sports such as soccer, and they also love music. Johann plays the electric guitar, whereas Joshua plays the bass guitar. Joshua in particular has a passion for drawing, creating traditional and digital fully rendered art. Johann, on the other hand, is skilled at information technology, media, and computer science.

Not only do they provide informative children’s programs, but they are also fundamental figures in managing all other “off-screen” aspects of Golive TV’s app, studio, website, production, and broadcasts. As a single unit, the two of them work together and support each other in all aspects of life.

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