Pastor Bowale Akins

Pastor Bowale Akins

Pastor Bowale Akins

Pastor Bowale Akins spent his early years in business as a media executive and recently left a career in international development. Even though he was active in his local church, full time ministry was never considered until he experienced a life changing encounter with Christ by God confirming His calling upon his life. After much prayer, Bowale left a job with WSA as an international development strategist, and in act of obedience, pioneered a new ministry in downtown Toronto.

Pastor Bowale is a passionate prayer warrior who has a distinguished grace for anointed prayer which leads people into the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. He is a spiritual influencer with a large global following. Bowale is a vessel called to demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ’s authority and love through healing and deliverance to this generation. He is a sharp threshing instrument in the kingdom of God with a mandate to take the good news of Christ to every nation. Bowale believes God has restored us in order that we might fulfill our destiny; and this destiny is to manifest the kingdom of God on earth so that He may be glorified.


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