Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel

Daniel Piedra is a singer and writer with a deep charisma and vocal power that communicates a powerful message of life and hope.

A native of Costa Rica, Daniel travels around the world leading groups in Worship to the Creator.

Daniel is the President and Founder of Levites Global Mission and Levites Canada in which he trains impact leaders to work in 8 different areas of influence in society which are Education, Economics, Politics, Sports, Religion, Media, Art and Technology. His organization has its main office in Spanish in Costa Rica and its main office in English in Canada, also has offices in Mexico and Italy.

He is the author of three books “In the Creativity of the Holy Spirit”, “Sounds of Heaven” and “Altering the Genetic Code”.

Daniel Piedra is a Publicist by profession, with emphasis on creativity and production. In 2009 he was part of an advertising campaign called “5 al day” with which he received recognition by the World Health Organization and the Government of Costa Rica. Daniel also studied in Canada at Sheridan acquiring a degree in “General Arts and Science”.

In the year 2019 in the month of April, he received an award by the Governor of the city of Mount Vernon New York USA. For the work he has undertaken in Anglo-Saxon and Latin societies in different parts of the world during his career, thus inspiring generations.

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