Pastor Domenic

Pastor Domenic

Pastor Domenic

Pastor Domenic Vitale is the founder of ‘3rd Heaven Ministries’ located in Milton; ON, Canada!

He worked in the IT field for 14 years; including 7 years at the Ministry of Health; before receiving the call to Christian ministry back in 2007.

As an Evangelist; he has traveled to several countries around the world to preach the good news message of the gospel in ‘England; Dubai; Trinidad & Tobago; Columbia; as well as in the US & Canada’.

He played the leading role in the ‘Toronto Passion Play’ for 3 years at ‘Queensway Cathedral’ in Toronto & he also hosted the ‘Nite Lite Live’ broadcast at CTS (Christian Television Station) in Burlington, ON for over 3 years.

He founded ‘3rd Heaven Ministries in 2017 & is now working with ‘Go Live TV’ on a weekly broadcast called ‘God’s Dwelling Place’. His mission and vision is to help bring revival to the nation of Canada and many other nations around the world!


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