Pastor Justine Kasweka

Pastor Justine Kasweka

Pastor Justine Kasweka

Pastor Justine Kasweka is wife to founding and senior pastor Jean-Paul Kasweka.
As First Lady of the house, she has served alongside her husband for nearly 20 years.

As an author, speaker and teacher, Pastor Justine is on a mission to equip both men and women to walk in the fullness of intercessory prayer in order to see the promises and plans of God being released within their lives.

Through her life changing encounters and testimonies, she carries a message of love, restoration and healing across nations that has delivered and transformed the lives of many to walk in freedom and the fullness of God.
In addition to raising six children, she has assumed an active role where she serves as an assistant pastor at Bethany Full Gospel Centre while overseeing and leading the Intercession Ministry both in Kipushi and Mississauga.

With echoes of her husband’s preaching style, Pastor Justine Kasweka boldly challenges women to serve as blessings to their husbands and families. As well as discovering the purpose that God has called them to walk in. The Bethany Full Gospel Centre family attributes Mrs. Kasweka’s wisdom and leadership to the emphasis she places on a close personal relationship with God.

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