Pr. Fernando & Pra. Viviane

Pr. Fernando & Pra. Viviane

Snowball Church

At Snowball, we embrace the core issues of Christianity and present them in a way that is real, smart, bold, and fun.

We care about you, and have made a place for you here!

Our vision and mission is based on the Bible, and our lifestyle is centered in Jesus. We hope you’ll find our non-traditional approach to church refreshing.

The story of Snowball Church is intertwined with the life testimony of our founder Rinaldo Seixas. After experiencing a scary episode of hepatitis, severe pain and a personal experience with God, was born in December 93, our first Christian fellowship meeting that had no name at first but had a lot of passion for Jesus and for people.

“What are we gonna do? Service is about to start, people have arrived and we don’t have a pulpit or a place to put the Bible?”. Our first meeting happened at a Surfboards Warehouse – where our Pastor used to work at the time. Out of improvisation, we ended up using a surfboard on top of a few stacked chairs to serve as a support for the preacher’s Bible, and just like that it became a symbol at every Snowball Church around the World, and a special part of our identity.

Shortly after the first meeting, our movement got a name that represents very well God’s movement in our midst: Snowball! Starting small, it quickly turned into an avalanche. This Snowball movement has evolved and fulfilling its role, continued to grow. We are now over 300 churches around the world!

Today, we continue working hard, guided by the mission and vision that God has given us and the maintenance of ministries and work areas that complement the purposes and justify our existence.

We have arrived in Canada in 2008, and started as a small group at our house, in Winnipeg, where we gathered for 5 yrs weekly. In 2013 we moved to Toronto and have started the ministry with a local address, a lot of passion, many dreams for this City and this Nation, and a desire to be the reflection of Jesus Christ wherever we go. Following Jesus, loving people and living life with a purpose!

Welcome Home!

Pastors Fernando & Viviane Nunes

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