Ufly Simulator Inc

Ufly Simulator Inc

Claudio Teixeira

“Claudio Teixeira, founder and CEO of Ufly Simulator Inc.

Canadian, Brazilian and Portuguese citizen. Living in Canada for 32 years.

I always love planes. When I was young, I use to go the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Sundays to see planes coming in or taking off. I had a one-way radio, so I could hear the communications between pilots and the tower and I knew what plane, airline it was coming.

Ufly Simulator became reality thanks to my wife, Alessandra Teixeira, who knew about my passion for planes. She actually gave me the idea to open such unique business and there were many more people like me, flight enthusiast, flying in his home computer every day. I still have that picture in my office today. I started flying Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 and continue buying the newest version+ different aircrafts models add on to the program. I think she wanted me to have my great airplane models collection out of home. About 700 models.

Ufly Simulator started in 2013 with a unique and exclusive 777 simulator available to the general public in North America. We are the only 777 where a regular person without knowledge of flying can fly our simulator.

That why in 2014 when Malasia Airline MH370 disappear. We had CNN showing us in 92 different countries for about 30 days. Today we had 22 TV’s stations that use our 777 simulator plus movies, and documentaries.

We also have a 737/800 simulator, 8 Cessnas simulators and ATC simulator(Air Traffic Control).

Today we offer many different programs:

1- Regular hour flying one of our simulators with many cities’ options and challenges.

2- Fear of flight program for those whom are afraid of flying.

3- Lessons for the Canadian Air Cadets.

4- Customized program for students grade 11, and 12 with 2 credits on the High School.

5- Field trip for students with different levels of flying skills.

6- Corporate Event and Team Building.

7- Birthday Party.

All in our 8.5 years since we started and even with the last 2 years been very challenging, we are still here.

We love our job and take a great pride in our service.

We are so glad to enjoy GOLIVE TV family and hope we can contribute to a better understanding in a such

wonderful profession with many rules, regulations, safety and constant training.

Thank you and God bless you.”

Claudio Teixeira

Founder and CEO.

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