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Watch more videos here Pastor Sangick Sim Pastor Sangick Sim was born on August 17, 1947 in Korea. He has a wife and two sons, and some of his hobbies include teaching table tennis and golf. He was involved in some church activities while attending the Korea Fishery College in Busan, but it was not until he came to Canada in 1974 that he actually started frequenting church. Here, he became a pastor in 2004 of the Toronto Resurrection Church. After moving to Canada, Pastor Sim ran a successful clothes manufacturing business for 20 years in Toronto, along with his partner, an Israeli Jew. Pastor Sim also taught at the Haptong Theology College in Toronto for six years. Today, he spends his time hosting bible studies every week and preaching the gospel on his show 토론토 한인 기독교 방송 (“Toronto Korean Christian Broadcasting”). Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Support Golive TV…

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